Outside Office representative has underlined that goals of Kashmir issue through Kashmiris’ entitlement to self-assurance has consistently been the need of Pakistan.

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Preparation media agents of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Islamabad Friday, the representative repeated Pakistan’s unshakeable purpose to totally bolster the individuals of Occupied Kashmir in acknowledgment of their spot on to self-assurance.

The media agents were advised on steps taken by administration of Pakistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in viably featuring the Kashmir issue at immensely significant discussions.

The preparation expanded upon the circumstance in Occupied Kashmir in post fifth August condition and the response of global media, governments and parliaments.

In the mean time, in a casual talk with individuals in Doha today, the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Indian brutalities and outrages in Occupied Kashmir are risk to local harmony and security.

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He said monstrous human rights infringement by Indian soldiers in Occupied Kashmir are matter of worry for whole worldwide network.

He likewise communicated lament that Hindu radicals are focusing on Muslim minorities in New Delhi however police is hesitant to make a move.


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