Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says his administration has not swore to free Taliban detainees, as expressed in an arrangement came to by the US and the aggressors.

Under the milestone understanding marked on Saturday in Qatar, 5,000 Taliban would be discharged in return for up to 1,000 government prisoners by 10 March.

Mr Ghani said such a detainee discharge “can’t be an essential for talks”, however should be a piece of exchanges.

The US-Taliban understanding incorporates a staged withdrawal of US troops.

Consequently, the firm stance Islamist bunch consented to hold harmony chats with the Afghan government.

The arrangement additionally submits the Taliban to forestall al-Qaeda and all other radical gatherings from working in the zones they control.

Media captionAfghanistan’s National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib, says ladies have a partner in the president

The US attacked Afghanistan weeks after the September 2001 assaults in New York by al-Qaeda, at that point situated in Afghanistan. The Taliban were removed from power yet turned into a radical power that by 2018 was dynamic in more than 66% of the nation.


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