We should address the obvious issue at hand and discussion about the way that Siânnise and Luke T were ransacked on Winter Love Island. What’s more, when you hear that Siânnise conveyed her crown once again from South Africa with her, your emotions about the arrangement’s result may very well get a mess more real.

I figure we would all be able to concur that one of the most cute scenes in the entirety of the last period of Love Island was without a doubt Luke T’s totally ludicrous arrangement to ask Siânnise to make things official. Being very much aware of her fixation on everything Disney, he chose to make her fantasies of an IRL fantasy sentiment work out as expected.

With the assistance of individual islanders, Luke T set out somewhat of a fortune chase (highlighting Ched as a monster) which finished with her discovering her sovereign. Luke T even ventured to such an extreme as to make an additional uncommon bejeweled crown for Siânnise in what is currently a significant bit of TV history. Jesus, I would prefer not to curse things yet, what the heck would he say he will do in the event that he needs to propose?

Also, to make things “goodness, 100%” cuter, Siânnise and Luke were shot arriving in Heathrow air terminal together looking adorable AF. Also, indeed, the crown was close behind.


The pair became fan top picks as it so happens, from their underlying geeky teases to their charming AF lipstick-loaded first kiss to that night in the hideaway where Luke T demonstrated his regard of assent and limits.


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