Joe Biden has been given an immense lift in the race to challenge President Donald Trump in November’s political decision.

Mr Biden, a previous VP, won definitively in South Carolina’s essential, where voters picked which Democrat they need to be the gathering’s up-and-comer.

Left-winger Bernie Sanders came next in South Carolina – the fourth state to cast a ballot in the months-long essential season – and stays in the number one spot generally speaking.

Another 14 states vote on Super Tuesday this week.

Before the finish of Super Tuesday, it could turn out to be much more clear who the chosen one will be.

This is Mr Biden’s first-since forever triumph in an essential in what is his third run for US president.

In his discourse respecting the outcome, the 77-year-old stated: “Only days back the press and the intellectuals had announced this nomination dead. Presently, on account of every one of you – the core of the Democratic Party – we simply won, and we’ve won large.”


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