ISLAMABAD: Strongly challenging the legislature ‘trumpeting’ the accomplishment of its international strategy, the Senate resistance Friday asserted that the US-India ‘joint report toward the finish of President Donald Trump’s visit had destroyed Pakistan’.

The administration went under a blistering assault from the restriction during the main sitting of the demanded meeting for having no Kashmir strategy and monetary course, giving the control of national economy over to ‘outcasts’ and failure to manage the risk of coronavirus.

Counselor on Finance Dr Hafeez Shaikh was solicited to share subtleties from the staff level concurrence with the IMF. Previous executive Senate Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said he was shocked and shocked to peruse in a paper a day or two ago that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had depicted US President Trump’s comments during his Indian visit ‘as phenomenal’.

“What was that exceptional thing on which we are trumpeting and it was being guaranteed that it was a noteworthy accomplishment of Pakistan’s international strategy?” he inquired. At that point, Senator Rabbani asked was this the achievement that Trump during his news meeting stated, “Pakistan is taking a shot at Kashmir”.

He thought about what were those things on which Pakistan was working that the administrators, Parliament and the majority were totally in obscurity, yet we were hearing it from President Trump. He requested that the outside priest go to the House and clarify what Pakistan was really going after Kashmir.

He likewise addressed why the Foreign Office respected the intervention offer, rehashed by Trump and brought up the US president didn’t have the ethical mental fortitude to chat on the decimation in Held Kashmir or even the spilling of blood of Indian Muslims in New Delhi, where he was available when they were being butchered.

“Have we overlooked that Trump was a similar individual who perceived and legitimized Golan Heights? Have we overlooked that Trump perceived Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Have we overlooked that it is he who as of late gave Israel-Palestine harmony plan in nullification of legitimate privileges of Palestinians and their state?” Rabbani contended and asked was the administration praising this kind of intercession and was Pakistan working along these lines on Kashmir.

Rabbani claimed the administration for spreading inside on Kashmir and keeping mum outside Pakistan and this sentence by Trump proposed maybe that the legislature was tolerating measures taken by India inside Kashmir.


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