The world’s second most mainstream pioneer – with regards to web-based social networking, at any rate – sent shockwaves through the web on Monday, in the wake of reporting he was thinking about leaving the stages.

All things considered, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the main lawmaker to try and verge on testing US President Donald Trump’s online strength.

Thus it was to some degree obvious that the hashtag #ModiQuitsSocialMedia started drifting in India, with clients fast to share a potent mixed drink of paranoid fears, images and frantic supplications.

Be that as it may, Mr Modi, who has 54 million adherents on Twitter, 35.2 million devotees on picture sharing stage Instagram and 44 million supporters on Facebook, before long uncovered the genuine explanation for his deserting of web based life.

On Tuesday, he said that he would “part with my web-based social networking records to ladies whose life and work motivate us”.

Be that as it may, the “huge uncover” came simply after his first tweet produced a flat out web-based social networking storm.

A few speculations recommended he was stopping online networking stages as they were being constrained by his adversaries. Others conjectured that he would dispatch an indigenous social stage, to coordinate Twitter and Facebook, something like internet based life stages like WeChat and Weibo in China.

“Expect SM organizations stock to crash,” thought of one sure client.

Aside from the hypotheses, there were frantic supplications from his fans. One expressed: “Please Sir, You can’t leave online networking now for your fans!” Another additional: “Modi Ji on the off chance that you leave internet based life , they will utilize it against you and country intrigue.”


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