Harry Styles is one of the greatest account specialists at the present time. All things considered, the star is accustomed to being drawn nearer in the road — however he’s as of late opened up about an a lot more frightening experience that happened half a month prior. Styles was ransacked on Valentines Day this year close to his home in Hampstead, London. He described what befell American moderator Howard Stern on his radio show and the trial sounds truly alarming.

Addressing Stern, the previous One Direction star clarified, “It was on Valentine’s Day. That is the thing that you get for being single nowadays, I presume. I ought to have had different plans.”

Styles went on: “I’m around a little ways from home. I’m strolling up and I see this gathering of folks, and they’ve all got like hoods up and their countenances secured.” Styles reviewed he attempted to go across the street, yet the gathering continued tailing him each time he moved from one side to the next. In the end they found him.

He at that point told Stern:

“So this current person resembles, ‘Hello, would we be able to converse with you for a moment?’ And there’s no one around, so I’m similar to, ‘Sure.’ And he resembles, ‘Do you smoke weed?’ And I stated, ‘No.’ And he goes, ‘Do you need some weed?’ And I thought, ‘No.’ And then he resembled, ‘What do you have on you?'”

The gathering accumulated around him, and as per the Daily Mail, he stated, “I pull out some money and he takes it from me. What’s more, I had my earphone jack standing out of my pocket and he resembles, ‘What’s that connected to?’ I resembled, god’s purpose, it’s my telephone. So I pull out my telephone and I’m thinking, OK this is truly irritating however I’ll wipe it and get another telephone and sort of, whatever… and afterward the person resembles, open your telephone. The other one pulls his shirt up and he has a blade staying in his jeans and I resembled sh*t.”

Styles wouldn’t open his telephone and rather “dashed” up a slope and toward where he realized others would be. Fortunately, the pack didn’t seek after him.

The Metropolitan Police revealed to E!News that they had logged an episode at a similar date and time which recorded “a man in his 20s was drawn nearer by another man and compromised him with a blade.”

In spite of the occurrence sounded quite unnerving, Styles has declared freely that he is OK and his reaction to the entire difficulty has been truly laid back. The vocalist even kidded to Stern about the outfit he was wearing the evening of the burglary and how awkward it was: “Generally when I’m out strolling I’m wearing running stuff and this was the one time I was wearing, similar to, corduroy styles.” Classic Styles.


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