The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC’s) Special Envoy for Jammu and Kashmir Ambassador Yousef M. Al Dobeay said on Tuesday that the “OIC has in every case firmly bolstered the goals of the Kashmir issue and the goals of both Kashmir and Palestine issues remain at the highest point of OIC’s plan.”

He offered these comments during a question and answer session with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The extraordinary agent is a piece of a six-part assignment that arrived at Pakistan on Monday for a five-day visit to observe the devastation and sufferings brought about by truce infringement by Indian soldiers along the Line of Control (LoC).

“The issue of Kashmir is near our heart and all individuals are in the same spot with respect to its goals,” Radio Pakistan cited him as saying. He included that a definite report Indian-involved Kashmir will be introduced to the workplace of the secretary general on his arrival.


Qureshi communicates trust OIC “will make space for Pakistan’s desires”

Qureshi said that Pakistanis have certain desires from the OIC and communicated the expectation that it won’t disillusion them.

The outside priest likewise communicated the expectation that Al Dobeay will “make [the organisation] progressively mindful [about Kashmir] and reveal to them the desires for the Pakistani individuals” after his voyage through the nation.

Qureshi said that during his gathering with Al Dobeay, he made him “mindful of the desires the individuals of Pakistan have from the OIC and the significance they provide for it.”

“Pakistan is one of the establishing individuals from the OIC. We were persuaded of its significance previously and we are persuaded of it today.”

Qureshi uncovered that he had told the Saudi remote priest during a prior gathering that “the [Kashmir] matter is so genuine and it has such significance that a phenomenal meeting of the outside clergymen ought to occur. We accept this is the base necessity keeping in see the conditions.”

He communicated the expectation that when the exceptional agent would return and brief the secretary general about these gatherings and “the affectability of this issue, at that point they will make space for our desires in the arrangement [the OIC] is framing with respect to how to push ahead in regards to this issue.”

He communicated the expectation that the OIC would not frustrate Pakistanis. “When there are raised expectations, there is likewise expanded disillusionment when there is no advancement … [people] additionally have protests.”

The remote priest educated the media that the OIC’s extraordinary agent had been advised about the significance and requirement for executing the goals of the [UN] security committee on the [Kashmir] issue.

“[Al Dobeay] was made mindful of the danger this issue postures to harmony and security … it is before you, a little showing of which you found in February 2019 when two nations confronted one another.

“The exceptional agent was likewise told about the oppressive laws [in India] and our interests about them explicitly the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens. Other than us, there is a climate of dissent against them by minorities other than Muslims and different individuals who accept these laws are oppressive and unseemly including a few noticeable individuals from the Hindu people group who have raised a firm voice against this law through their announcements and cooperations,” Qureshi said.

The outside pastor said the OIC’s agent was additionally made mindful of the fights in Delhi which killed 46 individuals, while various individuals were harmed and are in clinics, mosques were singed, and different acts that “have harmed Muslims”. He likewise reminded Al Dobeay that the command of his association is the resistance of the privileges of Muslims.

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“We likewise partook in gatherings with him the human rights infringement there [in India] and the circumstance at the Line of Control, the truce infringement and how regular people are being focused on,” Qureshi included.

While valuing the six-part designation’s visit to Pakistan, the outside priest named it the “first and solid advance of the OIC assuming its job right now extremely touchy issue”.

“The OIC itself has various goals on this. We are appreciative that at whatever point we brought this issue up in the OIC, we got a positive reaction.”

He likewise said that the remote secretary had a “long gathering” with Al-Dobeay in which he advised him about the present circumstance in Kashmir.

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“He likewise met the leader of the Kashmir Committee who passed on his emotions and opinions to him. He met a designation of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference and traded considerations with them … these are the individuals who know about each minute, their precious experience Indian barbarities consistently.”

“The secretary general of the UN likewise visited as of late and you know about what he stated, his anxiety about the affectability of this issue and the human rights infringement … also, how he carried the world’s regard for the significance of the goals and the requirement for executing those goals,” he finished up.


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