President Trump visited India a week ago — and it was an outing set apart by both display and savagery. In excess of 100,000 individuals wearing “Namaste, Trump” tops welcomed the U.S. president at the world’s biggest cricket arena. Be that as it may, brutality emitted in New Delhi over a prohibitive new citizenship law, and hostile to Trump shows occurred in a few urban areas.

So what did Trump say about the circumstance in Kashmir, which remains to a great extent under lockdown after the Indian government repealed Kashmir’s self-governing status last August? Trump again offered to help intercede — yet portrayed Kashmir as a “thistle in parcel of individuals’ sides” and “a major issue among India and Pakistan.”

In India, Hindus, Muslims and police are battling in the lanes. This is what’s behind the brutality.

India demands that the Kashmir struggle is a two-sided debate, dismissing outsider intercession. Pakistan’s outside office representative, then again, communicated trust that Trump’s ongoing excursion to India would yield “some solid commonsense strides” toward U.S. intercession of the contention.

On the off chance that President Trump had met with youthful Kashmiris during his visit, what may he have found out about what they need? Our exploration recommends that individuals in Kashmir would have invited his endeavors to intervene the Kashmir emergency, yet additionally would have pushed to remember the Kashmiri individuals for the procedure.

How we directed our examination

Among October and December 2019, while Kashmir was in lockdown mode, we reviewed 593 school and college understudies to examine the impacts of militarization on political perspectives. We led our overviews in Srinagar, Kashmir’s mid year capital and most crowded city, and reviewed understudies utilizing the time-space testing method at arbitrarily chose areas on college and school grounds and encompassing regions.

Why study the assessments of college understudies? We needed to concentrate on the “age of fury” and the new activism that assumed a main job in the 2016-2017 uprisings. At that point, far reaching understudy dissents in the Kashmir Valley left several understudies harmed in conflicts with India’s military, and there were numerous understudy captures.


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