As South Korea fights a snowballing number of Covid-19 cases, the administration is informing individuals as to whether they were in the region of a patient. Be that as it may, the volume of data has prompted some cumbersome minutes and now there is as a lot of dread of social disgrace as of sickness, as Hyung Eun Kim of BBC News Korean reports.

As I sit at home, my telephone blares alarmingly with crisis cautions.

“A 43-year-elderly person, inhabitant of Nowon region, tried constructive for coronavirus,” it says.

“He was at his work in Mapo locale going to an inappropriate behavior class. He gotten the infection from the educator of the class.”

A progression of cautions at that point annal where the men had been, remembering a bar for the region until 11:03 around evening time.

These cautions show up throughout the day, consistently, disclosing to you where a contaminated individual has been – and when. You can likewise look into the data on the Ministry of Health and Welfare site.

No names or addresses are given, yet a few people are as yet figuring out how to draw an obvious conclusion and distinguish individuals. People in general has even chosen two of the contaminated were having an unsanctioned romance.

What’s more, regardless of whether patients are not by and large recognized, they’re confronting judgment – or disparage – on the web.


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