Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has acknowledged OIC for putting Kashmir issue on its plan and advanced the association to assume a progressively dynamic job for sturdy harmony in South Asia. He was conversing with a six part OIC’s appointment drove by its Assistant Secretary and Special Envoy on Kashmir Yousaf Al Dobeay here on Thursday.

The Prime Minister encouraged OIC to counter Indian bogus account which is set on tossing dust according to worldwide network. He said if the India isn’t concealing ground real factors from the world, it should give free access to the universal associations like OIC to Occupied Kashmir. Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that AJK government has nothing to avoid the world and used to energetically invite each remote agent and a gathering speaking to worldwide human rights associations.

He said whole populace of the Occupied Kashmir is under nonstop attack since fifth August a year ago. “Indian soldiers have crossed all restrictions of brutalities and more than 13 thousands youth including 144 offspring of 9 years of age are detainment focuses where they are dispensed barbaric treatment”, he included. The Prime Minister educated the designation that India ceaselessly disregarding Cease Fire Line Agreement and focusing on regular folks with group bombs. Schools, medical clinics and even traveler vans are not saved by Indian soldiers.

He said Narrinder Modi is a genuine face of RSS which is seeking after ethnic purifying of the Muslims and different minorities in the India. Raja Farooq Haider Khan trusted that visit of the OIC designation will demonstrate exceptionally productive as the Kashmiris have appended incredible desires with the association.

Talking on the event, Special Envoy Yousaf Al Dobeay said that his association gives as a lot of significance to the goals of Kashmir issue as given to Palestine. He said Kashmir issue has consistently been a perpetual issue on OIC motivation and it has gathering of remote pastors right now.

Yousaf Al Dobeay said that we unequivocally sentenced Indian structures to change the demography of the Kashmir and named it sheer infringement of UN goals on Kashmir issue. OIC has continually worrying on execution of UN goals for tranquil settlement of the longstanding question. He educated that a goals for the settlement of the Kashmir issue will be introduced in the following gathering of OIC.

Prior, Secretary Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Cell Mansoor Qadir Dar advised the designation about the most recent circumstance in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. A narrative indicating Indian barbarities on the blameless Kashmiris was played on the event.


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