Spoilers ahead for the Season 1 get-together of Love Is Blind. They might not have gotten hitched on Love is Blind, yet after 18 months, Giannina and Damian are back together. “We are so together,” Giannina uncovered during the show’s get-together uncommon. “Each and every day, awakening alongside one another, setting off to the exercise center together. I don’t wanna lose this.”

In spite of the fact that the two despite everything haven’t said “I do,” they are at present dating and living independently in Atlanta. The most recent year and a half has managed them both some self-reflection, and watching the show back helped them to perceive their mix-ups and figure out how to develop from them. “Thinking back, I regard [Damian’s] choice,” Giannina stated, alluding to his “I don’t” at the special stepped area. “I feel like where we are presently, it’s so directly for us … We’re finding a good pace other at our own pace and it’s simply so invigorating. It hurt so a lot, yet it’s everything about, ‘What would i be able to do with that?’ and ‘What did I gain from that?'”

Subsequent to rewatching the recording from their post-wedding showdown, Nick inquired as to whether, by and large, he would’ve done anything any other way. Mournfully, he said no. “It was unquestionably a solid love from the earliest starting point,” he said. “I needed it consistently since the day I revealed to her I cherished her in the cases. What’s more, it transformed into our romantic tale, however she was in and out of it to such an extent.”

Damian was alluding to their numerous contentions on the show, and Giannina’s to and fro emotions about “losing her butterflies” for him. He really didn’t figure she would consent to get hitched, however had each goal of leaving the show still with her.

“At the point when she said I do, I didn’t anticipate that,” he said. “I wish I could remove the agony from that day, and the hurt, and the humiliation. To her loved ones, I’m heartbroken that I at any point put her through that.” He additionally apologized to Giannina straightforwardly, including, “It was the hardest choice I most likely at any point made in my life, sincerely. What’s more, I would stay by it again due to where we are currently.”

In the wake of recording for Love is Blind wrapped, the couple had a great deal to deal with. “I was so scared of pushing this individual away that I was intuitively doing it in any case,” Giannina clarified. “I self-damage, and I’m mindful of that. What’s more, I felt that since we were in the cases and we conveyed so well, that he could naturally tell that. Be that as it may, he proved unable. He was unable to guess what me might be thinking, he was unable to know these things. So when I felt disappointed, I simply let it out in very non-helpful, obtuse ways.”

She went to Damian and apologized. “I never needed to hurt you, either. We’ve both communicated in extremely hard manners,” she stated, crying. “Be that as it may, since the show, it’s been such an astounding excursion with you, to find a workable pace and perceive how we coordinate with every others’ lives. What’s more, my loved ones love you.” She embraced him, including, “I’m so glad.


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