A fire has torn through an evacuee cover on the Greek island of Lesbos as strains over a flood in movement from Turkey keep on rising.

Blazes immersed the One Happy Family community, close to the island’s capital Mitilini, on Saturday.

It isn’t clear how the fire began. No causalities have been accounted for.

As of late, there has been antagonistic vibe towards vagrants on Lesbos after an expansion in appearances from Turkey.

Several vagrants have endeavored to arrive at the island since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a week ago he was “opening the entryways” for displaced people to enter Europe.

Be that as it may, on Saturday, Mr Erdogan somewhat switched his position. He requested the Turkish coastguard to prevent vagrants from intersection the Aegean Sea to Greece since it is risky to do as such.

The EU has blamed Mr Erdogan for utilizing vagrants for political purposes. It demands its entryways are “shut”.

In the mean time, conflicts have again emitted at the land outskirt among Greece and Turkey.

There seems to have been no adjustment in Turkey’s situation with respect to letting transients attempt to enter Greece through this course.


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