Pakistan on Tuesday praised the job of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to stretched out resolute help to Indian managed Jammu and Kashmir.

Leader Imran Khan invited a visit of an OIC assignment to get direct appraisal of the circumstance in Kashmir, as per an announcement from his office.

Khan’s comments came during a gathering with a significant level assignment that included OIC Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Jammu and Kashmir Yousef M. Al Dobeay.

“Pakistan just as Kashmiris looked towards the OIC and Muslim Ummah for dynamic help in the goals of the Jammu and Kashmir debate as per the applicable UNSC goals,” Khan stated, alluding to the UN Security Council.

The Pakistani head likewise advised the emissary of the grave circumstance in India and cautioned that under the rising rush of “Hindutva,” or Hindu patriotism, the circumstance could exacerbate.

He underlined the requirement for the universal network to be mindful of the circumstance and work to viably address it.

Al Dobeay underlined Kashmir and Palestine stayed top-most things on the OIC motivation, confirm by a progression of solid goals from the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) gatherings and summits.

He said his visit to Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir was with an end goal to make a direct appraisal of the circumstance with the end goal of introducing a report at the anticipated CFM meeting.

He likewise repeated OIC’s principled situation on the universally perceived Jammu and Kashmir debate, which required its serene settlement as per the significant UNSC goals and the desires of Kashmiris.


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