Two Afghan government officials – who both case they won the presidential political race – have announced themselves president at rival introduction services.

The constituent commission says officeholder Ashraf Ghani barely won September’s vote, however Abdullah affirms the outcome is deceitful.

The old opponents both held situations in the past government.

It comes as Afghanistan gets ready to enter harmony converses with the Taliban, wanting to end long periods of savagery.

Specialists cautioned the current political contention would “gravely influence the administration’s situation in the up and coming intra-Afghan talks”, which are because of start on Tuesday.

“Solidarity is the main way [forward] in the event that they need to win on the arranging table,” political expert Atta Noori revealed to AFP news office.

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Blasts were heard during the functions, yet there have been no detailed wounds.

Mr Ghani, who has been president since 2014, held his introduction function at the Presidential Palace in the capital Kabul.

The US exceptional emissary Zalmay Khalilzad, charge d’affaires of the US government office to Afghanistan Ross Wilson, Nato officer Gen Scott Miller and represetatives of European Union, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany and Norway were all in participation.

Mr Abdullah held his function a short separation away at Sapedar Palace, which he utilized as his office during his residency as Afghanistan’s CEO in the last government. The function proceeded in spite of his group prior saying they would be set up to drop it, following the mediation of Mr Khalilzad.

Mr Khalilzad is attempting to work out a force sharing course of action between the two camps, with individuals on the ground clear-peered toward about what two opponent organizations would mean for Afghanistan.

“It’s difficult to have two presidents in a single nation,” one Afghan man told AFP. “Rather than [both] holding vow taking functions they should converse with one another to discover an answer.”

The political confrontation comes days after Mr Abdullah got away from safe from an assault asserted by Islamic State aggressors, which saw at any rate 32 individuals killed.

It was the main significant assault in the capital since the US and Taliban marked an arrangement in late February, which required the Taliban will hold chats with the Afghan government.


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