Austria has declared a prohibition on Italians entering the nation except if they convey a clinical authentication, trying to stop coronavirus spreading.

Talking after the Italian government forced travel limitations the nation over, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Austrians coming back from Italy would need to self-disengage for about fourteen days.

Austria has seen 158 instances of coronavirus up until now.

Mr Kurz said the number was still exceptionally low however the sickness was fatal.

Austria and Italy share a fringe north of Italy’s South Tyrol district. On Tuesday, South Tyrol, just the same as the remainder of Italy, shut every social community and confined access to bars and bistros to daytime hours.

Italy’s across the nation lockdown limits travel to those with “demonstrated work prerequisites or circumstances of need”. Every game have been suspended, and schools and colleges have been closed until 3 April. Representatives have been encouraged either to telecommute or take yearly leave.

Lodging and traveler settlement administrators in South Tyrol have finished their winter Christmas season early and consented to defer the spring visitor season.

“With respect to in Italy, we are as of now sorting out a repatriation of these Austrians,” Mr Kurz told correspondents in Vienna.


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