A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-16 warrior fly has smashed almost a recreation center in the capital Islamabad, executing the pilot.

In an announcement, the PAF said the airplane was doing practices for the 23 March national day march.

Police and security powers quickly cordoned off the site in the Shakarparian zone, almost a few historical centers, golf clubs and Jinnah Stadium.

The PAF said the pilot Wing Commander Noman Akram kicked the bucket in the accident. What caused it was not promptly clear.

The aviation based armed forces said it had requested a request.

Film posted via web-based networking media, apparently shot from close by structures, demonstrated the minute the plane descended and smoke and blazes surging into the sky.

“Pakistan Air Force reports with lament that a PAF F-16 airplane smashed close Shakarparian, Islamabad during the practices of 23 march,” the aviation based armed forces said in its announcement.

It included that “a leading body of request has been requested via Air Headquarters to decide the reason for the episode”.

Pakistan has a checkered flying security record, including various aircraft crashes.

A year ago a little military plane collided with a local location close to Rawalpindi, which neighbors Islamabad. At any rate 18 individuals were executed and a few harmed .


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