Political activists from PoK and Gilgit Baltistan have asked the UN Human Rights Council to shield their privileges and spare them from Pakistan’s abuse. Talking at the 43rd Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva, Nasir Aziz Khan, a dissident from PoK stated, “We are genuinely worried about developing human rights infringement occurring in purported Azad Kashmir (PoK) and Gilgit Baltistan, whereby tranquil political activists and individuals from common society have become focuses of state foundation”. He included, “Fear based oppressors’ system and framework are particularly flawless in these territories. Pioneers of prohibited psychological militant associations are wandering openly. In spite of FATF suggestion High-profile Pakistan Taliban pioneer Ehsanullah Ehsan, who went about as the gathering’s representative and asserted obligation regarding a portion of its deadliest assaults, has gotten away from military authority, Pakistan’s inside priest affirmed”. “Assigned as a fear based oppressor at UN sanctions list Leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) Maulana Masood Azhar who was in the authority of Pakistan armed force, likewise got away alongside his family. It shows that Pakistan despite everything bolsters them. She isn’t not kidding to make a move against fanatic and fear based oppressors associations and gatherings”, Nasir told the Council. He likewise asked the HRC to request that Pakistan take compelling measures to control exercises of the individuals who advance fanaticism, viciousness and narrow mindedness in the district. “HRC ought to request that Pakistan discharge all quiet political detainees including Baba Jan and Iftikhar Hussain and their associates who were trailed under Anti fear monger act and confronting 40 to 80 years detainment”, said Nasir. Senge H. Sering, an extremist from Gilgit Baltistan said in his intercession, “China Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC goes through Gilgit-Baltistan and local people guarantee portrayal and income share in CPEC as third and equivalent accomplice since both Pakistan and China need sway over this region. Local people contradict unlawful land changes and illegal statute of 2020 forced by Pakistan, as both deny local people of choice or power over land and social character while engaging Pakistanis and Chinese to mishandle basic property system without any potential repercussions”. He asked Pakistani system to regard the right to speak freely of discourse and development and forgo pronouncing local people fear based oppressors for requesting self-rule and offer in CPEC. “I ask Pakistan to discharge political detainees including handfuls serving life-term”, Senge told the Council. He included, “Pakistan must not treat Gilgit-Baltistan as jail for local people and open courses towards Ladakh and Afghanistan. This will help partitioned families rejoin and empower Buddhists of Ladakh visit strict destinations in Gilgit-Baltistan. Local people ask: If Indian Sikhs are free to visit Kirtarpur Saheb in Pakistan, at that point for what reason are Ladakhi Buddhists denied of comparative right of strict opportunity? Why the twofold norms, Pakistan?” “I remind Pakistan and China about their pledge to advancement and security of human rights including responsibility for infringement, and solicitation both to collaborate completely with the Council when managing contested regions like Gilgit-Baltistan. This incorporates total withdrawal from the region to empower certified partners settle the incessant political stalemate”, said Senge.


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