Sovereign Harry has since quite a while ago demonstrated his commitment to ensuring the earth and taking a stand in opposition to environmental change. Be that as it may, the imperial wound up in heated water on Wednesday after evidently succumbing to a trick by Russian DJs professing to be Greta Thunberg and her father Svante.

Behind the revealed trick were Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, who as indicated by The Sun got in contact with the Prince through the landline where Harry and Meghan were remaining in Canada’s Vancouver Island in January.

Vladimir and Alexey, who pass by Vovan and Lexus, purportedly got Harry to discuss a scope of points, including his exit from imperial obligations, Donald Trump and environmental change by professing to be 17-year-old natural dissident Greta.

A representative for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and another from Buckingham Palace declined to remark on the report, according to The Guardian. The legitimacy of the calls, made on New Year’s Eve and 22 January, is being addressed by the BBC.

While it’s difficult to truly realize whether Harry really accepted the pranksters were the Thunbergs, Harry apparently tells “Greta” on different occasions that they should get together when they’re both next in thWhen talking about his choice to step down from imperial obligations, he supposedly stated: “And this choice unquestionably wasn’t a simple one yet it was the correct choice for our family, the correct choice to have the option to secure my child. What’s more, I believe there’s one serious parcel of individuals around the globe that can recognize and regard us for putting our family first, But, no doubt, it’s a precarious one, yet we will begin another life.”

He likewise supposedly said Donald Trump as “blood on his hands”, that the world was “an upset spot” and “being driven by some exceptionally wiped out individuals.”

Things at that point take a turn for the more peculiar, with revealing that the pranksters ask Prince Harry whether a regal wedding between counterfeit Greta and Harry’s six-year-old nephew Prince George or 12-year-old James Windsor would help shut down environmental change. The voice said to be Harry is heard saying that he is “certain” he could help, just as offering to protect a few penguins “stuck in customs” with a contact at the North Pole.

In spite of the fact that Harry’s agents have would not remark on the call, the Prince wouldn’t be the principal open figure to succumb to Vovan and Lexus’ stunts. The Russian political pranksters have recently shown signs of improvement of stars including Joaquin Phoenix and Elton John, broadly calling the Rocketman vocalist in 2015 claiming to be Vladimir Putin to talk about LGBTQ+ rights in Russia.

Simply a month ago, the couple professed to be Swedish lobbyist Greta once more, this time tricking Democratic presidential up-and-comer Bernie Sanders by promising him that “Greta” could get young lady existing apart from everything else Billie Eilish and Kanye West to play out a rap for his campaigne U.S..


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