ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 12nd, 2020) Pakistan encouraged world network including the UN, the OIC and human rights association to make down to earth stride against Indian government under Prime Minister Modi from seeking after enemy of Muslim strategies here on Wednesday.

Giving week after week preparation in Islamabad, Foreign Office Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said the world network must guarantee security of the minorities particularly the Muslims and their places of venerates and properties in India.

Aisha said that the huge scope focused on savagery against Muslims that occurred in New Delhi in the setting of profoundly collective articulations by the BJP pioneers has involved extraordinary worry for Pakistan and it is exceptionally condemnable.

She additionally denounced the befouling and vandalization of spots of loves in New Delhi. She said in any event fourteen mosques and one Dargah were purportedly torched by Hindutva vigilantes inside a range of three to four days. She said these hallowed spots were intentionally rampaged while duplicates of heavenly Quran were tainted.

Voicing worries over the gross human rights infringement in involved Jammu and Kashmir and endeavors to realize segment change there, the representative said Jammu and Kashmir is a globally perceived contest which has been reaffirmed more than once by the UN Security Council, the UN Secretary General and most as of late by the OIC’s exceptional agent on Jammu and Kashmir.

Reacting to an inquiry concerning Afghanistan, the representative said Pakistan has congratulated Ashraf Ghani over his political decision as the leader of the nation.

She said Pakistan has kept up that the US-Taliban harmony understanding is a noteworthy advance towards a definitive point of accomplishing harmony and steadiness in Afghanistan. She said it is presently a noteworthy chance to move towards the subsequent stage of intra Afghan discourse. She said Pakistan has assumed its job of facilitator and it is presently the obligation of Afghans and their delegates to take the procedure advance and show up at an answer for harmony and strength in Afghanistan.

Responding to an inquiry, the representative said essential advances were taken by the Federal and commonplace governments at the air terminals and fringe zones to contain the infection. She expressed that we were likewise comprising an arrangement to perceive how best our representatives abroad could be secured against the infection.

To an inquiry, the representative said that Pakistan raised the issue of the arrival of Dr Aafia Siddiqui with the US and our discussions on the issue are proceeding.


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