The individuals in Pakistan involved Kashmir, or the alleged Azad or Free Kashmir, have no opportunity and they keep on living in a climate of dread, said a Kashmiri chief, reports ANI.

“We have no influence over yonder. Pakistan has sent officials and authorities from different mystery organizations. In ‘Azad Kashmir,’ a climate of dread exists,” said Mahmood Kashmiri, director of Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance (JKNIA).

Kashmiri was in Geneva to go to the 43rd meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

“In such a circumstance, there are not many individuals who oppose it. The individuals who talk are being hassled by the security offices of Pakistan. In spite of every one of the, countless youngsters are there who contradict Pakistan’s intense occupation,” said the PoK pioneer.

It ought to be noticed that PoK and Gilgit Baltistan have been under Pakistani occupation since 1948 when Pashtun inborn civilian armies bolstered by Pakistan Army assaulted Jammu and Kashmir.

The region has likewise been utilized by Pakistan as a rearing ground for psychological militants for its intermediary war against India.

The Pok pioneer communicated concern and resentment regarding the impacts of fear mongering, radicalisation and bigotry on neighborhood populace in the PoK for the sake of ‘Jihad’.

Kashmiri likewise blamed Pakistani insight organizations for catching youth in a pattern of fear based oppression.

He further said the issue of J&K is a political one and ought to be settled strategically and that numerous individuals in J&K restrict the fear movement being done by Pakistan in the area.


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