Love it or loathe it, Marmite is about as British as you can get. The ideal bundle of captivated feeling and salty tidbit. I, for one, am especially group ‘love it’, so news that M&S has propelled another Marmite go has my nutrient B radar on high caution.

However, obviously, this isn’t simply Marmite… This is M&S Marmite. The appetizing spread has had the mark M&S treatment, introduced in two unique, yet similarly delectable ways.

The primary endeavors into the refrigerated path, with a weighty cooperation among Marmite and cream cheddar. For what reason didn’t we think about that previously? On its site, M&S recommends a couple of approaches to make the most of what’s destined to be your new most loved spread (costing £2.50 per 140g). Prompt the enchanting voiceover lady: “Have a go at toasting and garnish our sourdough bagels with our sleek Marmite cream cheddar.” You had me at bagel, woman. As M&S’s April Preston told the Metro: “We realized the final product would have been heavenly.”

Not content with adhering to a meaningful boundary at cheddar, M&S have likewise made conceivably the most self-evident, however virtuoso marriage throughout the entire existence of the spread’s relationships: Marmite margarine. So straightforward, but then so great. Costing £3 for 100g, M&S proposes you add this pre-blended margarine to pasta, steak or even vegetables for an increase in season.


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