The experts in Pakistan have captured one of the nation’s driving media magnates on charges he wrongfully acquired government land over 30 years back.

Mir Shakilur Rahman is the editorial manager in-head of the Jang bunch which claims a portion of Pakistan’s most generally circled papers, just as the mainstream Geo telecom company.

The capture is being seen by columnists and human rights activists as more proof that free media and political contradiction are being hushed in Pakistan.

Mr Rahman, who denies the allegations against him, showed up in court on Friday and was remanded in guardianship. He has not been officially charged.

What was Mr Rahman confined for?

The charges against him identifying with the acquisition of a few plots of land in Lahore return to 1986.

Pakistan’s enemy of defilement office, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), has claimed that in that year, when future PM Nawaz Sharif was boss clergyman of Punjab region, he let Mr Rahman illicitly get more government-possessed land than he was permitted by law.

Day break paper cited a NAB official as saying Mr Rahman was qualified for four sections of land of land under the Lahore Development Authority’s “property exception arrangement”, yet he gained in excess of 13 sections of land.

Catch says this was illicit and added up to a political fix.

Mr Rahman says he purchased the land from a private gathering and paid all the important assessments and obligations, for which he has archives. He likewise says the buy is a common issue and subsequently past the writ of an enemy of wrongdoing office like NAB.

Is that what it’s extremely about?

Independent of the benefits of the case, many uncertainty NAB is completing its obligations sincerely. It regularly makes a move against the individuals who question government strategies.

The capture has activated across the board analysis from writers’ bodies, rights gatherings and the political resistance.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has communicated “profound worry” over the capture.


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