Stages have been a thing for (nearly) as long as people have strolled the earth. While the shoes were clearly expected to include tallness, expanding an individual’s stature isn’t the main explanation individuals have wore them. (Another two: staying away from dung ridden avenues and conjuring up sexual want.) Nowadays, they’re normally simply a style proclamation. However, every one of their structures — from raised coaches to boots and wedges — are encountering a renaissance. Peruse on for all the manners in which you can wear stage shoes at this moment.

Old Greece launched the stage pattern, Interview magazine reports. Throughout the hundreds of years, they went from an approach to keep feet clean to a strategy for demonstrating one’s respectability. Theater stars, prostitutes, geishas, and sixteenth century men have all slipped on the lower leg snapping outline, per Refinery29.

Quick forward to progressively present day times where the sexual orientation smoothness of the shoe was more pervasive than any other time in recent memory. Rockstars during the ’70s — both male and female — tossed a few shapes in stunning stage boots, the Spice Girls strengthened a decades-in length love for confoundingly high coaches during the ’90s, and brands like Prada conveyed a variety of appalling flatforms from 2010 and past.

Stilettos you can scarcely stroll in might be a relic of past times. Yet, stages aren’t going anyplace. Here’s seven totally different styles to demonstrate only that.


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