Regardless of the wild advancements that have occurred since a year ago, the Kashmir issue has by and by escalated extensively over simply the most recent couple of weeks. The emanant security elements of the South Asian locale are straightforwardly and in a roundabout way connected with this long-standing issue in a few different ways. Precisely one year back, the February 2019 Pulwama assault and the resultant military acceleration among India and Pakistan are clear of its potential as an ‘atomic flashpoint’ between the two nations. Later on, in August 2019therevocation of the unique protected status of Kashmir by the Indian government, alluded to as the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019coupled with a severe lockdown in the contested district and overall analysis have additionally internationalized the debate. The strategic noteworthiness of the Kashmir issue was additionally obvious during the UN General Assembly’s 74th meeting a year ago the same number of world pioneers accentuated its quiet arrangement during the meeting. In a similar vein, it appears that Pakistan’s conciliatory endeavors in featuring these have been recognized in the year 2020 also dependent on its suitable international strategy approach.

The Kashmir issue has since stayed one of the most pivotal plan things during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ongoing visit to Malaysia. As indicated by the joint explanation toward the finish of the summit, the Kashmir issue had been raised during the discussions between the two chiefs. Leader Imran Khan likewise expressed gratitude toward the Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahatir Muhammad for remaining by Pakistan on Kashmir contest and opposing the treacheries being executed by Indian powers in involved Kashmir. Besides, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while tending to the joint meeting of Parliament during his ongoing visit to Pakistan has by and by scrutinized India’s one-sided moves. He repeated Turkey’s position on the goals of extraordinary Kashmir contest through discourse and serene methods and named ongoing one-sided steps of India as disturbing. From these announcements, it is clear that in spite of not getting support from the Gulf States or the OIC, Pakistan can even now rely on help from Turkey and Malaysia dependent on its strict liking just as an increasingly principled demonstration of solidarity.

As Pakistan’s conciliatory endeavors towards tending to the compounding circumstance in Kashmir proceeds, it merits referencing that, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, during his lady and profoundly noteworthy authority visit to Pakistan additionally communicated his interests over the exacerbating circumstance. He underscored most extreme restriction from the two nations. He likewise called attention to the work of Article 99 of the UN Charter, which approves the Secretary-General to carry this issue to the UNSC dependent on its grave ramifications for global harmony and security. In the event that the progressing circumstance proceeds in Kashmir, the UN Secretary-General may include the UNSC to by and by examine the issue and give a guide to its serene settlement. In spite of India’s one-sided moves to add Kashmir strategically and militarily, Pakistan’s present endeavors to globally raise the Kashmir appears to have borne some achievement, at any rate for the time being.Furthermore, such an attestation by the UN Secretary-General is an away from of Pakistan’s principled position on Kashmir issue dependent on human rights grounds and its hugeness for harmony and security in the South Asian locale.


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