Geneva/IBNS: India as of late cornered Pakistan on the Kashmir issue at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva for alluding to various UN Security Council (UNSC) goals to target New Delhi yet never itself consent to any of them.

“Would pakistan be able to deny the way that UNSC goals which it continues alluding to, ask Pakistan, as the absolute initial step, to pull back from the unlawfully involved region of Pakistan-involved Kashmir and that it has not done as such for over seven decades?” Rachita Bhandari, Director (Indo-Pacific-I), in Ministry of External Affairs, said.

“Would pakistan be able to deny that it is home to 130 UN-assigned fear mongers and 25 psychological militant substances recorded by the United Nations, and that these restricted people have effectively battled or challenged in surveys?” she inquired.

The Indian agent focused on Pakistan government and stated: “India, as the world’s biggest vote based system as well as a heartily useful and dynamic one, could well manage without exercises from a bombed State like Pakistan whose possess individuals never delighted in either evident majority rules system or human rights.”

The Indian ambassador scrutinized the Pakistan PM Imran Khan as she asked: “Would pakistan be able to deny the way that its chiefs, including its Prime Minister, have transparently called for Jihad against India? Would pakistan be able to deny the way that it released a State-supported Genocide against its own kin in 1971? Would pakistan be able to deny the way that defenseless minorities in the nation face strict abuses every day?”

India government a year ago rejected Article 370 of the Indian constitution which conceded unique status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Since the time India took the move, Pakistan has been raking up the Kashmir issue on the global stages.

India, in any case, depicted it as its inner issue


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