India on Tuesday condemned China and Pakistan for making a reference to Jammu and Kashmir in their joint articulation and said that it anticipates that different nations should not remark on its inside issues, PTI detailed. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Pakistani partner Arif Alvi talked about Jammu and Kashmir at their gathering in Beijing, with China saying that it is “giving close consideration” to the circumstance in the district.

“The two sides traded sees on the circumstance in Jammu and Kashmir,” China and Pakistan’s joint proclamation read. “The Pakistan side advised the Chinese side on the most recent improvements, including its interests, position, and current earnest issues.”

In their joint proclamation, Pakistan and China said that the Kashmir debate should be settled “appropriately and calmly”. “Kashmir issue was a question left from history, and ought to be appropriately and calmly settled dependent on the UN Security Council goals and respective understandings,” the announcement included. China said it restricts “any one-sided activities that entangle the circumstance” in Kashmir.

Reacting to the announcement, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said Jammu and Kashmir is an inside issue and different nations must regard India’s power. “We dismiss the reference to Jammu and Kashmir in the joint explanation gave by China and Pakistan after the ongoing visit of Pakistani president to China,” Kumar stated, as per PTI. “We expect different nations including China not to remark on issues that are inner issues of India and regard India’s power and regional respectability.”

Kumar included that India is unequivocally contradicted to outside obstruction in Jammu and Kashmir. “India is unfalteringly contradicted to any activities by different nations to change business as usual in Pakistan involved J&K,” he said. “We approach parties worried to stop such activities. Such criminal operations will never be acknowledged by India.”

How India reacted to different countries raising the J&K matter

India has furiously censured Pakistan for raising Jammu and Kashmir at the United Nations after the Center’s choice to scrap its unique status in August a year ago and has more than once said that the locale is an indispensable piece of India.


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