ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday asked the Indian government to lift the time limitation in involved Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) following media reports of coronavirus cases in the held valley which is under finished lockdown since Aug 5 a year ago.

As per India Today, J&K’s coronavirus tally had arrived at four by Wednesday.

In the week by week press instructions, which was held away from plain view as a prudent step in the midst of infection flare-up, Foreign Office (FO) Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui focused on that lifting of limitations is imperative to acquire full data of the tainted individuals and to guarantee the arrangement of fundamental things and clinical supplies to the individuals.

Farooqui additionally denounced the “insensitive and merciless restraint of the individuals of involved Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian security powers”.

The representative likewise noticed that notwithstanding the Indian extension of the sloping valley, Jammu and Kashmir stays a contested region and the Indian government’s means are in sheer infringement of the UN goals.

With respect to winning coronavirus circumstance, she said that the administration has taken a progression of measures to contain its spread. She said the administration is observing the circumstance and has utilized all systems to guarantee the security of the individuals.

Farooqui declared an emergency the executives cell has likewise been set up in the Foreign Office to liaise with the strategic corps in Pakistan just as with outside missions and Pakistan nationals living abroad.

“Our international safe havens and departments abroad have likewise settled hotlines and designated central people to encourage ostracizes,” she stated, including: “They are encouraged to keep away from pointless travel and practice social separating in a capable way for their own wellbeing and everyone around them.”


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