ISLAMABAD, (APP – UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – 21st Mar, 2020 ) :Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Political Movement, Khawaja Firdous has encouraged India to discharge all the illicitly confined Kashmiris grieving in various correctional facilities in and outside the domain.

He said the developing coronavirus danger had presented genuine risk to the strength of Kashmiri detainees as the majority of the prisons were packed and had no appropriate offices, Kashmir Media Service detailed.

He said that, on one side, the Indian government had forced military lockdown in involved region and had denied the Kashmiri individuals of every single essential office since August, a year ago, while on the other, the coronavirus flare-up had duplicated their agonies.

The director offered the worldwide network to assume its job in the arrival of Kashmiri political prisoners moping in various correctional facilities of India and the region in wake of the coronavirus spread.

He likewise solicited the individuals from Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) to carefully follow the prudent steps to spare themselves from the coronavirus pandemic.


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