ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan have said that country ought to exhibit solidarity, control and energy to battle coronavirus pestilence that has overwhelmed the entire world.

They communicated these perspectives in their messages on Pakistan Day (23rd March) which is being recognized today (Monday) and gave proper respect to establishing pioneers of Pakistan and communicated steady help to the persecuted individuals of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir who have been exposed to a barbaric lockdown for more than seven months.

The president, in a message on Pakistan Day, stated, “I guarantee the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir that Pakistan will stand side by side with them and will proceed with its good, political and discretionary help for their genuine right of self-assurance,”.

The president said that 23rd March was a significant milestone throughout the entire existence of our country as on this day in 1940, the noteworthy Lahore Resolution was passed which joined the Muslims of the sub-mainland for a more prominent goal. The Muslims of the subcontinent through their group will, communicated unfaltering determination to cut out a different country for themselves wherein they could lead their lives as per their own religion, conventions, qualities and culture.

Today, he stated, they were giving proper respect to the Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Poet of the East Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the various incredible pioneers of the opportunity development who made ready for the production of Pakistan. “Let us express our firm determination to proceed with the inheritance and legacy handed down to us by our establishing fathers and by emulating their example to make our nation a support of harmony, progress and soundness,” an official statement cited the president as saying.

He further saw that in nowadays, the world was confronting the serious episode of coronavirus. “We Pakistanis additionally need to stand joined to battle this pandemic. It is the duty of all fragments of society, including Ulema, media and political pioneers to assume their due job in teaching the majority about the preventive measures against the infection,” he included. He said the specialists and wellbeing laborers were the principal line of barrier right now country saluted them for their tenacious and caring undertakings. “We additionally praise our Law Enforcement Agencies for their untiring administrations,” he included.

In the interim, Prime Minister Imran Khan while commending the nerve of Pakistani country against the difficulties before, asked the compatriots to show most extreme solidarity, order and enthusiasm to battle the coronavirus pandemic that had immersed the world.

“I am glad to state that the Pakistani country has the capacity to confront any trial. While commending the Pakistan Day this year, we need solidarity, control and energy to confront the disaster that has immersed the entire world,” the head administrator said in message to country on Pakistan Day. He mentioned the individuals to play it safe without getting terrified as he was specifically checking the administration’s measures against the pandemic. “God willing, we will stand successful right now,” commented.

The PM said the Kashmir question was a fragmented motivation of the division of the subcontinent and emphasized Pakistan’s purpose to keep expanding good, political and discretionary help for the Kashmir’s entitlement to self-assurance.


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