As of late, a significant part of the talk around British character has focused on division and polarization, especially after Brexit. A superficial look at features (at any rate, pre-coronavirus, before everything was pandemic-related) and you could without much of a stretch expect that Britishness is currently inseparably connected with leaving the EU. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about our personality past that? What’s a genuine portrayal of being British today? These are the issues aksed by Singaporean-conceived, London-based Zing Tsjeng’s new BBC Sounds web recording, United Zingdom.

The digital recording diagrams Tsjeng’s excursion around the UK, as she concludes whether to exchange her Singaporean visa for a British one, as Singapore doesn’t permit double citizenship. “Post-Brexit, there have been such a significant number of conversations about what Britain is, what do we rely on, what are the sort of individuals we need to be,” she lets me know. “I think (we) have to separate among legislative issues and current issues, as political Britishness can be very dangerous some of the time.”

Tsjeng, who is additionally the official proofreader of VICE UK and writer of the Forgotten Women book arrangement, has made the web recording as a positive commitment to the discussion. “I need to move beyond all the lethality and all the pessimism, to attempt to comprehend what being British is about,” she clarifies.

In the wake of moving from Singapore to London when she was 15, and investing the majority of her energy since in the city, the webcast’s excursion design was resulting from a longing to discover what British personality resembles past the capital. “Individuals gab about the London bubble,” Tsjeng says. “I certainly feel that way, as in I have a great thought of being a Londoner, however I have a lot vaguer thoughts regarding what [being British] may mean outside the M25.”


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