The Malaysian government’s choice to permit just “the leader of the family” to go out to shop, as a major aspect of measures to stifle the Covid-19 coronavirus episode, has had unintended results.

A few men are out of the blue getting themselves answerable for the shopping for food and out of nowhere recognizing dumbfounding assortments of vegetables, flavors and herbs.

“Govt permitting a man to shop unaided? Fiasco,” was the quick jokey finish of one lady on Twitter.

A few men agreed, in any case, communicating their anguish via web-based networking media.

One Facebook post of three men investigating bits of paper in a market walkway has been shared in excess of multiple times, with banner Muzaffar Rahman saying the shopping felt like “a fortune chase”, with everybody checking their rundowns a few times.

“The genuine importance of frenzy purchasing is the point at which the spouse as the leader of the family unit needs to proceed to purchase staple goods all alone. Adding to the frenzy is the point at which the spouse has never needed to perceive what ginger, galangal, turmeric, Chinese celery, spring onions or chives are,” kidded another Twitter account.

A few men unquestionably confessed to being befuddled.

“I felt mixed up attempting to work out which were mustard greens, which spinach, and which pak choi,” said another Twitter client. “At that point there were numerous sorts of cabbages – the long ones, the round, the short.”

Another simply recorded his numerous potential decisions on being advised to purchase red onions: “Rose onions, large onions, huge Indian onions, minimal Indian onions, Myanmar onions, Thai onions, Indonesian onions”.


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