With BBC’s Our Girl, on the off chance that it isn’t the story that gets you, it’s the area. Georgie Lane and 2 Section frequently get themselves extremely distant from home, thus do the cast. Camp Bastion in Afghanistan includes vigorously in both the first and fourth arrangement of the hit crap, however is Our Girl recorded on a genuine armed force base?

It turns out Our Girl is really recorded their Camp Bastion scenes around Cape Town in South Africa as opposed to Afghanistan. Once there, the creation group needed to construct various sets including one of a Forward Operating Base, as maker Ken Horn clarified in a blog entry for the BBC in 2014.

For the third arrangement, which saw 2 Section in Nepal and Nigeria, the cast and team again utilized South Africa as a primary recording base. Albeit a portion of Nepal’s outside shots were recorded very the nation, the insides were all in South Africa, the Radio Times notes.

For the fourth arrangement, alongside South Africa, some shooting occurred in the Malaysian Taman Negara wilderness, per The Sun, where temperatures can arrive at 35 degrees celsius during the day. “[Malaysia] was an extremely muggy warmth so you were simply perspiring the entire time and it’s odd on the grounds that you simply adjust,” Keegan revealed to Radio Times. “I think back now and figure I can’t trust I did that.”

Shockingly enough, the setting that caused makers the greatest migraine was in reality past Blighty. “”Moving a film team far and wide is pricey and we were focused on recording in Nepal and South Africa and the expense of returning to England and shooting the couple of scenes was restrictive in light of the fact that you need to fly your entertainers back just as the entire group or get another team. So in reality Manchester gave us more difficulty than anyplace else,” maker Tim Whitby told the Radio Times, including: “We recorded the British air base in South Africa and we shot a Manchester bistro in Kuala Lumpar with a lively downpour machine.”


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