ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Friday encouraged the United Nations to stop India’s combativeness in held Kashmir.

In one more letter routed to President of the UNSC and the United Nations Secretary General, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi caused to notice advancements in held Kashmir just as hostile Indian talk and forceful activities on the ground.

“Pakistan keeps featuring the Jammu and Kashmir question and the grave human rights circumstance in held Kashmir,” said a remote service state

Qureshi’s letter, it stated, was in accordance with Pakistan’s endeavors to persistently feature the desperate human rights and compassionate circumstance in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

“The Foreign Minister has been routinely refreshing the UNSC President and the UNSG on the Indian activities in IOJ&K since 5 August 2019, presenting danger to harmony and security in South Asia,” the announcement said.

In his ongoing letter, transmitted on 9 March 2020, the Foreign Minister bury alia dismissed India’s bogus story of “commonality” in IOJ&K; caused to notice the inexcusable comments of the Indian Chief of Defense Staff about “deradicalization” camps for Kashmiri youth; featured strengthened truce infringement by the Indian powers on Line of Control since 12 December 2019; and focused on the chance of India organizing a ‘bogus banner’ activity to occupy universal consideration from the grave human rights and philanthropic circumstance in involved Kashmir.

Besides, the Foreign Minister featured reckless explanations by the Indian initiative, including by the Indian Prime Minister, undermining the utilization of power against Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister, especially, featured India’s intrigues trying to change the segment structure of Kashmir.

Right now, caused to notice coercive appropriation of properties of Kashmiris and portion of more than 6,000 sections of land of land to non-Kashmiris in away from of universal law, including the fourth Geneva Convention. The Foreign Minister likewise underlined that the focused on killings of Muslims in New Delhi in February 2020 were straightforwardly owing to the majoritarian attitude and supremacist and troublesome “Hindutva” belief system.

In his letter, the Foreign Minister clarified that strong harmony and security in South Asia would stay dependent upon a fair and enduring arrangement of the Jammu and Kashmir question.

In that capacity, he underlined, that the Security Council must remain seized of the Jammu and Kashmir debate and assume its job in empowering the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir to practice their entitlement to self-assurance as vowed to them under the pertinent UNSC Resolutions.

In further follow-up of the Foreign Minister’s letter, Pakistan has been calling for prompt lifting of correspondence limitations and free access to clinical and other basic supplies in held Kashmir in the wake of flare-up of coronavirus in the involved region.


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