Pakistan called upon India to expel correspondence bottlenecks in Jammu and Kashmir and guarantee supplies of fundamental wares and clinical supplies to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In the SAARC pioneers’ video gathering on COVID-19 called by Modi, Pakistan Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Mirza exhibited pseudo-worries on the barricade of interchanges, appropriation of clinical supplies and help. Keep in mind, Pakistan left its understudies in lockdown in Wuhan to pass on, disregarding guardians’ rehashed SOS, since China told it to, battling that life and demise are in the hands of Allah! Put in comparable circumstance, philanthropic India desperately transported Kashmiri specialists from Corona-influenced Iran. Contrast in approach!

Barricades and segregations contain the spread of Coronavirus; that is the reason the entire world is tailing it. An oblivious Pakistan bizarrely looks for the inverse. Which planet is Pakistan living in? How unreasonable a legislature can be? Kashmir bar is over long back. Given poor instruction framework, such absence of appreciation is reasonable however Pakistan must remain refreshed on universal news on the earnestness of confinement.

Pakistan government neglects to grasp the looming emergency. The Pakistan involved Kashmir (PoK) has no emergency clinics and specialists to treat Coronavirus. Existing specialists won’t go inside the clinic while Indian Kashmir gets clinical consideration at standard with different pieces of India. Pakistan PM’s first reaction to Corona was, “discount the obligations”. Displaying Pakistan’s neediness Imran looks for advance waiver from the world network and indecently requested cash, not ‘clinical’ help! Destitution has into Pakistan qualities!

Sindh and Balochistan saw an exponential spike in coronavirus because of the Taftan debacle and should top the need list. Tragically, Pakistan is centered around optics, not genuine work, connecting arrangements of all issues to Kashmir. Pakistan pioneers must smell espresso and not use Kashmir, IMF, India, Afghanistan, Nawaz and Zardari, to bring down their inadequacy. Disregard Kashmir and check the cost.

Pakistan has neither master doctors nor office like testing unit to manage Corona’s seriousness. Disregarding the WHO standards will be shocking. India has master doctors, drug specialists and pharmaceutical organizations. Crown presents existential issues for Pakistan; all-climate companion China can’t support a lot. Portability of Pakistan understudies stuck in the UK needs consideration. Pakistan’s information about purification and cleanliness is simple. The world needs to wake up before a great many Pakistan involved Kashmir (PoK) and Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) patients begin passing on.

In Sindh, Coronavirus is spreading like a woodland fire with thousands contaminated. Checking its spread ought to be need incomparable. Pakistan should deal with patients there. Handling the pandemic requests appropriate isolate, legitimate prescriptions, and gear; addressing others can pause.

India has better clinical administrations, framework and initiative. Islamabad should consider individuals, not every other person on the planet. It ought to request covers and Personal defensive hardware (PPE) to spare specialists and clinical staff. A helpful time to ask for additional!


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