On the off chance that you haven’t been watching Tiger King as of late, at that point honestly you haven’t been benefiting as much as possible from your isolate period. This absurd Netflix show follows the lives of enormous feline authorities, including Joseph Maldonado-Passage (also called Joe Exotic) and Mahamayavi Bhagavan “Doc” Antle. While watchers immediately come to discover that Exotic has an energy for being before the camera, what they cannot deny is this isn’t Antle first rodeo either. Truth be told, Tiger King’s Doc Antle once showed up in front of an audience with Britney Spears during her notable “Slave 4 U” VMA execution.

Indeed, eagled-peered toward web have spotted what is maybe the best hybrid ever. Brandishing dim streaming locks, an a lot more youthful Antle can be found out of sight of the 2001 exhibition taking care of a completely developed tiger in an open pen while Spears ventures forward holding that stunning snake. While Spears is moving her heart out, Antle can be seen all through the presentation petting the large feline behind her effortlessly – in any event, venturing to hunch down close to the tiger at one point to share a brassy kiss. Hotshot.

This is one of numerous cases in which Antle has worked with VIPs, having invested energy in film and music video sets that necessary master untamed life handlers. As indicated by IMDB, Antle has dealt with both Ace Ventura films, The Jungle Book 2 and Mighty Joe Young and has showed up on many visit appears throughout the years, acquiring different wild creatures front crowds all over America.


One of Exotic’s previous tutors, Antle possesses a mainstream natural life hold in South Carolina that has picked up analysis throughout the years for its confining of tigers and lions. In spite of this, the safari spot has stayed a fascination among big names including Floyd Mayweather and Shaquille O’Neal, alongside the overall population who keep on purchasing tickets each year to visit the wild creatures.


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