Leeds: A Kashmiri political dissident has upbraided Pakistan for raking up the Kashmir issue at a crucial time when the entire of the world is battling COVID-19 pandemic.

On Sunday, Pakistan’s Foreign Office made open the substance of a letter composed by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to the UN Secretary-General and the leader of the United Nations Security Council on March 9 viewing what he depicted as the “critical” helpful circumstance in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sajjad Raja, Chairman of National Equality Party JKGBL, said all the sufferings of the Kashmiri individuals are because of Pakistani association in Kashmir and Pakistani supported ‘Jihad’ and penetration.

“It’s silly that when the entire world is encouraging their residents to remain at homes and self-detach them with an end goal to battle the episode of COVID-19, Pakistan is requesting that individuals in Kashmir Valley ought to wander aimlessly. This is one more verification that Pakistan has no consideration for the lives and government assistance of the individuals of Kashmir and she just wades into controversy to advance her shocking plan in Kashmir,” said Raja.

Sajjad Raja, who hails from Pakistan involved Kashmir (PoK), further said that in Pakistani involved zones of Jammu and Kashmir exceptionally stringent segregation rules have been forced and Prime Minister of PoJK has even given an admonition that a check in time will be forced to keep the individuals indoor, however in Kashmir Pakistan needs individuals to escape their homes.

He included, “Proposals twofold guidelines of Pakistan are presently completely uncovered and the world gives no consideration to Pakistani promulgation.”

Sajjad Raja said that there were no human rights issues in Kashmir preceding 1989 when Pakistan began sending in equipped activists and ‘jihadis’ (furnished psychological oppressors) into Kashmir Valley from Pakistan and this penetration transformed the Valley into a combat zone between Pakistani fanatics and the safeguards of fair and common qualities.

He said while Pakistan is composing a letter to the United Nations requesting to end the COVID-19 limitations in Kashmir, in Pakistan involved Kashmir, Police in Kotli have executed an adolescent named Zeeshan for abusing the limitations forced by the legislature.

Sajjad Raja requested a full investigation into the conditions which prompted the passing of a young in Kotli and cautioned that all cops associated with the slaughtering of the adolescent should quickly be captured and brought to equity.

He said that the police have would not hold up FIR against the cops and they are attempting to cover the issue.


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