Enthusiasts of Our Girl have acquainted with not getting excessively joined to characters now. Michelle Keegan has reported that arrangement four of the show will be Georgie Lane’s last and we’ve just bid farewell to a large number of our faves in the course of the last three seasons. With blasts and an abducting occurring just two scenes into the present run, it’s hard not to be completely devoured by Our Girl. In any case, Lane’s past has caused issues down the road for her right now it’s really dull. In this way, for the individuals who have overlooked, this is what happened to Elvis in Our Girl. He’s been alluded to such a great amount all through season four up until now and, in spite of the reality he isn’t genuinely there, he’s as yet an entirely basic character.

Luke Pasqualino played Elvis Harte and joined the show in the subsequent arrangement. Harte and Lane’s wild relationship had watchers as eager and anxious as can be from the earliest starting point. After much pursuing, he left Lane at the special stepped area only days before she was set to be sent to Kenya. In any case, after a great deal of time and exertion, he won her trust back in arrangement three. While she had a side sentiment with Dr Jamie Cole, the Elvis stans were his ally from the beginning.

In evident Our Girl design, a turn in the storyline implied that, during the last scene of season three, Harte wound up being murdered by a bomb that was exploded remotely. Filling in as a component of 2 Section under adversary assault in Kabul, it appeared he was clear and safe. In an extraordinarily passionate scene, he kicked the bucket as Lane endeavored to restore him. To state it was a tragedy would be a huge modest representation of the truth.


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