ISLAMABAD: While the world is distracted with battling the novel coronavirus flare-up, India has moved to additionally adjust the status of questioned Jammu and Kashmir locale by endorsing another arrangement of laws that would permit pariahs to turn into the perpetual occupants of the picturesque Himalayan domain.

India on Wednesday affirmed “Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Order 2020” that would give non Kashmiris the option to become lasting occupants of the valley.

The move comes about eight months after India singularly renounced the uncommon status of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK), welcoming Pakistan and India very nearly a war.

Under the new law, the individuals who have lived for a time of 15 years in the IOJK or read for a time of seven years and showed up in class 10/12 assessments in instructive organizations situated in the locale are presently qualified to become perpetual occupants.

‘Narendra Modi, a global humiliation’

Pakistan, which is involved with the debate, on Thursday responded strongly to the move and named it so far another endeavor by “fundamentalist Modi government” to change the socioeconomics of the main Muslim lion’s share region under Indian control.

“We emphatically denounce the bigot Hindutva supremacist Modi government’s proceeding with endeavors to illicitly change the demography of the IOJK infringing upon every universal law and bargains.

“The new Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Order 2020 is an away from of the fourth Geneva Convention,” responded Prime Minister Imran Khan in a progression of tweets on small scale blogging webpage Twitter.

Imran said timing of this most recent illicit activity is especially unforgivable on the grounds that it tries to abuse the worldwide spotlight on COVID-19 pandemic to push forward BJP’s Hindutva Supremacist plan.

He asked the United Nations and International people group to stop India’s proceeding with infringement of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) goals and the universal law.

“We remain with the Kashmiris in dismissing this most recent Indian endeavor to adjust the demography of IOJK. Pakistan will keep on uncovering Indian state psychological oppression and its forswearing of the Kashmiris right to self-assurance,” the executive said.


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