The COVID-19 pandemic keeps on disturbing our every day schedule, and the same number of us face weeks bolted inside the limits of our own home, the possibility of getting all over town has never felt so engaging. All through the self-disengagement period, home exercises and revising furniture for the umpteenth time will just get you up until now, and being attached to your couch isn’t so exciting as recently envisioned. Fortunately, a portion of our preferred TV shows and movies can offer a type of virtual get-away, so why not travel around the UK with the Harry Potter films? Since this mysterious establishment transports watchers to some genuinely captivating areas.

The most unmistakable sceneries of the eight Harry Potter adjustments, including Diagon Alley, Shell Cottage, and, obviously, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, were recorded at probably the most outwardly engaging shooting recognizes the UK brings to the table. London’s King’s Cross railroad station, the Scottish Highlands, and Gloucester Cathedral, are only a couple of instances of the noteworthy areas you can hope to discover while settling down to appreciate these dream flicks.

Along these lines, in case you’re in desperate need of a fast escape, gather those nonexistent sacks, and look no farther than the Harry Potter films.

Leadenhall Market

Warner Bros.


Settled inside London’s money related locale is the memorable Leadenhall Market, which for Harry Potter super fans is instantantly conspicuous from the establishment’s first film. This wonderful piece of the nation’s capital goes about as the scenery for Hagrid and Harry’s first visit to London, not long before they head inside the Leaky Cauldron and ahead to Diagon Alley.


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