Five Kashmiri aggressors were killed on Sunday as they attempted to enter the Indian-controlled side from Pakistan, an Indian armed force representative said.

The aggressors were attempting to go too far of control (LOC), an accepted outskirt which partitions Kashmir among India and Pakistan, when the Indian armed force units destroyed them, said Col. Rajesh Kaila in an announcement.

In the firearm fight which followed, three Indian warriors were likewise murdered, he included.

Other harmed officers are being treated at a medical clinic, he said.

This is the principal significant weapon fight between Indian powers and aggressors along the LoC in northern Kashmir as of late, albeit Pakistani and Indian powers have been discharging at one another normally.

Pakistan armed force dismissed the Indian cases calling it New Delhi’s endeavor to redirect global consideration from the philanthropic emergency in the debate area.

Jammu and Kashmir is held by India and Pakistan in parts, and guaranteed by both in full. A little fragment is additionally held by China.

Since they were apportioned in 1947, the two nations have battled four wars – in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999 – three of them over Kashmir.

Some Kashmiri gatherings in Jammu and Kashmir have been battling contrary to Indian standard for autonomy, or unification with neighboring Pakistan.

As indicated by a few human rights associations, a great many individuals have apparently been slaughtered in the contention in the district since 1989.


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