ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Sunday said that India’s ceaseless spewing forth of the case that Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is an interior issue will neither transform this deception into truth, nor make this illicitness legitimately substantial. In an announcement, Foreign Office representative dismissed the flippant comments by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet sentencing the ongoing Indian strides to wrongfully change the segment structure of the Indian involved Jammu and Kashmir.

The representative said the most recent Indian activity, focused on further usurping the crucial privileges of the Kashmiri individuals through changing the home law when the world is occupied with battling COVID-19 pandemic, by and by depicts the BJP administration’s political advantage and good chapter 11.

The announcement said Occupied Kashmir is a universally perceived contested domain, as cherished in the applicable United Nations Security Council Resolutions. These Resolutions stipulate that the last manner of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be chosen through the vote based strategy for a free and unbiased plebiscite under the UN protection.


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