Lotus Biscoff has become fairly a delicacy in the UK, and now you’ll have the option to appreciate it as a merry treat. No, this is anything but a late April Fools — a Biscoff Easter egg is doing the rounds on Instagram. Be that as it may, where would you be able to purchase the Golden Lotus Biscoff Egg in the UK?

For reasons unknown, the grand egg isn’t really made by Biscoff. The formula is really made by craftsman chocolate producer Charlene’s Chocolate Factory. They give their stock to four little stores in Worthing, Storrington, and Littlehampton, however you can purchase most of the inventions on their online store. This is the place you’ll locate the marvelous Golden Lotus Egg, nearby its salted caramel and dull chocolate partners.

All the plans aren’t your commonplace Easter egg, either. Rather than being strong chocolate, these are layered with hard and caramelized chocolate, alongside Biscoff spread and scone sections. Delish.

I prefer not to break it to you however, they’re as of now all unavailable. The equivalent goes for most of their different eggs, including their Oreo and Kinder Happy Hippo plans. I’ve connected with Charlene’s Chocolate Factory to see whether they’ll get any longer in stock before Easter, and presently can’t seem to hear back. Yet, as noted on their site, any requests set after April 5 “are not ensured for Easter”. The store takes note of that they are as yet working as normal regardless of the current coronavirus pandemic, “however postponements might be likely.”

In spite of the fact that, there are a couple different stores that have their own varieties of the Biscoff abundance. Maple Molly’s have a variety with their Easter Biscoff Chocolate Egg Slab that you can arrange, which is “loaded up with a shrouded layer of Biscoff spread” and “bested with Biscoff bread rolls, chocolate bunn[ies], chicks and eggs.” Bedford’s The Store additionally appears have a portion of Charlene’s Chocolate Factory’s eggs in stock, however just the dull chocolate one.


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