Remote Office representative Aisha Farooqui on Thursday said Pakistan was “profoundly worried” at the absence of clinical supplies and help with involved Kashmir where 170 instances of Covid-19 and five fatalities from the sickness have been accounted for.

Talking at the week by week FO press instructions, she stated: “Voices from inside India and around the globe keep on censuring the cruel abuse of the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir.

“In a joint articulation as of late, six worldwide human rights associations underscored that measures to battle Covid-19 must regard human privileges of each person and earnestly discharge every single political detainee, human rights protectors and each one of those captured in involved Kashmir after August 5, 2019.

“These associations, in their joint articulation likewise helped India to remember its commitment under worldwide law to guarantee the physical and psychological wellness and prosperity of prisoners,” she said.

Farooqui likewise censured the new habitation law presented in the district under which an individual who has lived in involved Kashmir for a long time will have the option to call the region their place of residence.

“The [law] is another unlawful advance by India to settle non-Kashmiris in the involved valley by changing residence laws.

“During this snapshot of worldwide wellbeing emergency, [changing the law] is an especially indefensible go about as it looks to exploit the universal network’s emphasis on the progressing Covid-19 pandemic and further development the Bharatiya Janata Party’s vile Hindutva plan,” she said.


Talking about bringing back Pakistanis from infection hit nations, she stated: “An exhaustive and staged arrangement for repatriation of our nationals in various nations has been made.” Under the arrangement, the accompanying have returned through extraordinary flights worked by PIA in the previous scarcely any days:

101 nationals from UAE

40 from Doha

170 from Bangkok

194 from Istanbul

128 from Tashkent

3 from Tajikistan

136 from Baghdad

“Plans for repatriation of our nationals from different goals are likewise under dynamic thought. As this is a dynamic and advancing circumstance, these plans are being checked on routinely.

“Our two part solidarity group from Beijing Embassy, including officials Junaid and Suleman who had elected to go to Wuhan and help our understudies under the lockdown there, have now come back to Beijing following the lifting of movement limitations in Wuhan following 76 days,” included the representative.


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