With everybody investing significantly more energy inside during the COVID-19 emergency, gushing stages genuinely have become a guardian angel now like never before. Also, there’s no better interruption right presently very like the new Netflix docu-arrangement Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. It’s absurdly strange, amazing, and takes you on an excursion no one could anticipate. In any case, are there any UK narratives out that like Tiger King? Since I have to add those to my watch list right away.

Tiger King follows ostentatious huge feline zoo proprietor Joe Exotic over the range of five years. We get a fantastic view into his uncommon life, his fixation on outlandish creatures, and his red hot competition with another large feline darling Carole Baskin. By one way or another the seven scenes truly don’t feel sufficiently like, and I for one am still left thinking about how a tycoon tiger proprietor disappeared like a phantom.

While the majority of the more out of control demonstrates like Tiger King (think Don’t F**k With Cats, Fyre, Wild, Wild Country, and Three Identical Strangers), appear to hail from the US, dread not, as the UK has a considerable amount of bizarre and stunning narratives as well. From Louis Theroux to genuine wrongdoing and family shows, here are six narratives to watch on the off chance that you appreciated Tiger King:

  1. ‘Louis Theroux: America’s Most Dangerous Pets’

BBCKnowledge on YouTube

Obviously Louis Theroux effectively shot a narrative about Joe Exotic in 2011. In America’s Most Dangerous Pets, Theroux visits the GW Zoo to get very close with the tigers and see what everyday life resembles for Exotic and his group (you’ll unquestionably recognize some familar faces in there). In signature Theroux style, we likewise get a testing meeting with Exotic on the morals of fledgling reproducing. What’s more, somewhere else right now, visits the proprietor of perhaps the biggest assortment of chimpanzees.

Watch America’s Most Dangerous Pets on BBC iPlayer now.

  1. ‘Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends’

Another Theroux magnum opus worth referencing is his Weird Weekends arrangement, which sees him head out over The States to meet grapplers, UFO trackers, and Doomsday preppers. An ideal mix of dry British cleverness and American luxury.


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