For quite a long time after August 5, 2019, when the province of Jammu and Kashmir was deprived of the uncommon status and cut into two Union Territories — occupants of the valley dreaded it was a stage towards a segment change in the district. Things got more clear when an Indian ambassador in the US thought of following the Israeli model in Kashmir. Presently India is doing likewise.

At the point when the entire world is stressed over the Corona Virus, India just pulled out another page from the Israeli course reading. It passed this new enactment, under which any individual who has lived in the Kashmir area for a long time can buy land and become a changeless occupant.

UN perceived questioned an area of Kashmir is the world’s most mobilized locale with in excess of 700,000 Indian officers, paramilitary and police in the district. Regardless of a functioning political battle by Pakistan on Kashmir, the International people group once more neglected to have its influence in settling this multi year’s old clash.

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Kashmir: Pakistan’s arrangement is ineffective

India depends on its partners in containing Pakistan by means of various global bodies e.g FATF; this holds Pakistan under tension in the long run keeping it from direct commitment in Indian controlled Kashmir. This is the explanation Indian approach creators accept that Pakistan can’t do anything and are gradually moving towards the extension of Kashmir dependent on the Israeli model.


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