Amidst the world taking on a dismal conflict against crown infection, COVID-19, representative of China’s perpetual agent at the United Nations made a reference to Jammu and Kashmir, once more, a few days ago at the command of Pakistan. He mentioned criticism regarding Jammu and Kashmir being transformed into a Union Territory by the Indian Government.

In spite of the fact that there is the same old thing in what Pakistan has said and the counter terminated by India, the planning makes it unfavorable. Rather than concentrating on forestalling the spread of the lethal infection in his nation which is slaughtering a huge number of individuals the world over, Prime Minister Imran Khan is as yet attempting to play the Kashmir card to occupy open consideration. It is simply a fig leaf endeavor to conceal the realities.

The world knows about how Pakistan has been stomping on the opportunity development in Baluchistan for almost three decades now. The most recent occasion to underscore this is the rising trepidation about the abrupt vanishing on second March of the ousted Baloch columnist Sajid Hussain, famously known as Sajid Baluch, in Sweden.

He had gotten away from Pakistani anger in Baluchistan in 2012 and after five years took cover in Sweden since 2017. He has been expounding on Human Rights infringement in Baluchistan and unexplained vanishings in the region because of Pakistani Army and insight organizations. Despite the fact that it is the duty of the Swedish Government to find Sajid Hussain, the worry is that Pakistani offices would be associated with the vanishing. Over a month has passed but there is no hint of Sajid Hussain.

There is nothing incorrectly in communicating worry about Human Rights infringement in any piece of the world however to be really equipped for it, one’s own record should be above board. As Ms.Sulema Jahangir, one of the main supporters of Pakistan, wrote in Karachi every day, Dawn, “the laws appropriate to the privileges of strict minorities in Pakistan have moved from being unbiased to outrightly unfair.” It applies to laws in all cases from Hudood Laws, Zakat, evacuee property, house and nationality to offenses against religion.


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