First came the chewy candies, at that point the juice beverages and cupcakes, the pastry sauce and even the Easter egg… Now the Percy Pig universe is venturing into spic and span an area, and assuming control over the solidified walkway, in the nick of time for summer. Truly, M&S has propelled Percy Pig frozen yogurt, and it fundamentally certifications to improve lockdown for all of us.

“Four words” read the tweet reporting Marks and Spencer’s new dispatch, “Percy. Pig. Ice. Cream.” The UK’s go-to fave sweet originally propelled in 1992 and now has its own special frozen yogurt enhance. Consistent with style, it tastes simply like Percy Pigs: that great raspberry and grape enhance, with a wave of fruity sauce going through each delicate, strawberry marshmallow-y scoop. The vegan amicable frozen yogurt is just £3 (for a 453g pot) and accessible to buy now.

“Clients have been approaching us for a Percy Pig frozen yogurt for quite a while now,” says April Preston, M&S Director of Product Development, “so we’re satisfied to be capable present each in turn when we could all utilization a little jolt of energy.”


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