On 10 April Pakistan outside clergyman Shah Mahmud Qureshi composed, by and by, to the leader of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). This was his eighth letter after the 5 August 2019 sacred changes in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

Proceeding with his harangue against India and the BJP, on this event, Qureshi explicitly caused UNSC to notice home guidelines declared by the legislature of India on 31 March and corrected on 3 April. The new arrangements are not, in any event till now, of general appropriateness. They apply just to J&K government employments. Be that as it may, Qureshi discarded to harp on this reality.

Deluding the UNSC he inferred that new residence rules cut in all cases. He asserted that the target of these standards was to change J&K’s demography. He stated that they abused Kashmir related UN goals, Geneva shows on universal compassionate law, the worldwide agreement on common and political rights. What’s more, in a twist, he expressed, that they bargained the monetary, social and social privileges of the Kashmiri individuals.


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