Police in Hong Kong have captured 15 of a portion of the city’s most prominent professional majority rule government activists.

The gathering incorporates 71-year-old media head honcho Jimmy Lai just as various noticeable legislators.

They are blamed for arranging, participating in or publicizing unapproved gathers during a year ago’s mass fights in the Chinese region.

They are expected to show up in court one month from now.

Hong Kong fights clarified in 100 and 500 words

The foundation you need on the Hong Kong fights

The administration has not clarified the prominent captures however they come days in the wake of Beijing’s most senior authority in the city required another security law to manage contradict.

Before the coronavirus flare-up, Hong Kong had seen practically week by week exhibitions against a proposition to permit removals to the Chinese terrain.

While that was later deserted, the fights transformed into requests for more noteworthy majority rules system and less control from Beijing, and outrage against the administration remains.

Who was captured?

Media big shot Jimmy Lai runs the Apple Daily paper, which is as often as possible condemning of the Hong Kong and Chinese initiative.

Mr Lai, who was evaluated by Forbes in 2009 to be worth $660m (£512m), was likewise captured in February this year on charges of illicit get together and terrorizing.

Majority rule Party originator and advodate Martin Lee, 81, was another unmistakable figure to be confined.

The 81-year-old – who is known as the dad of Hong Kong vote based system – said he was “particularly assuaged” by his capture, as indicated by AFP news organization.

“For such huge numbers of years, such huge numbers of months, such a significant number of good youths were captured and charged, while I was not captured. I feel sorry about it,” he included.


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